Restaurant Support for New York City’s Intro 1378 to Prohibit Sale of Foie Gras from Force-Fed Birds

We, the undersigned New York City-based restaurants, support Intro 1378, introduced by Council Member Carlina Rivera. This legislation would prohibit the sale of “force-fed” foie gras in New York City and uphold humane standards by protecting animals that suffer as a result of the inhumane foie gras industry. We support this legislation because protecting the reputation of New York City is in our economic interest and is the right thing to do. Allowing a tiny percentage of restaurants to serve a product that derives from tortured animals give our culinary reputation a black-eye.

Foie gras” is produced by inserting a foot-long metal or plastic tube into a duck or goose’s esophagus, and rapidly delivering huge amounts of concentrated grain, fat, and compressed air into the bird via a pneumatic or hydraulic pump. This process is repeated up to three times a day for several weeks until the liver becomes diseased and grows up to 10 times its natural size before the bird is slaughtered. This forced-feeding causes extreme pain and suffering.

Council Member Carlina Rivera has introduced a common-sense bill that would end the unnecessary suffering by prohibiting the sale of products from force-fed birds in New York City. We strongly support New York City joining dozens of countries, the State of California, and many prominent retailers in prohibiting the sale of foie gras from force-fed birds.


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