There are 4 easy ways you can make a huge difference in the lives of animals abused by the foie gras industry

Animal cruelty has no places in a civilized society, but sadly foie gras from forced-fed birds is still sold in a handful of restaurants in New York City. Fortunately, 29 city council members have sponsored a common-sense bill (Intro 1378) to prohibit the sales of foie gras from force-fed birds in New York City.


Email Your Council Member

Democracy isn’t a spectator sport. Animals need you to email your city council member today and ask them co-sponsor Intro 1378.

Call Your Council Member

After emailing your council member, be sure to follow up with their office with a polite phone call. Calling takes less than two minutes and it’s really easy!


The foie gras industry doesn’t want the public or lawmakers to know the truth about their abusive practices. Become a volunteer today to help pass Intro 1378.

Tweet at Your Council Member

City Council Members regularly use Twitter to connect with their constituents. Click the bottom below to use our Twitter tool to tweet at your Council Member.